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Brothers of the Third Wheel
Phoenix, AZ
Superstition Area Chapter

With some of the best riding weather in the country, Arizona is the ideal place to hit the road on a trike!   If you have a trike, want a trike, or just want more information about trikes check out our website  -  or better yet… come ride with us.

Come ride with us
BROTHERS OF THE THIRD WHEEL was founded in 1983. It is a non-profit Association for the sole purpose of uniting trikers  around the world and help provide them with the information they need concerning trikes and trike riding.

What exactly IS a Trike?

The name pertty much says it all.  Any motor vehicle with three wheels is a trike.  Some are homemade.  Others are manufactured. Some have motorcycle engines while others have car engines. Bikes with sidecars are welcome to join BTW because they have... you guessed it - 3 wheels. There are a lot of trike manufacturers since these unique rides have been gaining popularity in recent years.  While trikes come in all shapes, configurations, and sizes, here are the most common types of trikes:
  1. VW Trikes
    These old-school babies are a blast from the past. With fiberglass body molds from the early '70s several companies are still making these trikes. Powered by Volkswagen engines, these lightweight sleds range from mild 50 hp to wild 200 hp. Wheelie bars are a must!
  2. Conversion Trikes
    Whether powered by Harley, Honda, or other factory bikes, these beauties are not just motorcycles with training wheels. These are beautiful, handcrafted luxury machines often equipped with Bluetooth, intercom, stereo, digital cruise control, GPS, and... well - you get the picture.
  3. Reverse Trikes
    Rising in popularity these unique rides have two wheels in front and one in the back. Common monikers are Can Am Spider, T-Rex, V Rod Scorpion, and the new wicked-cool Polaris Slingshot. These water-cooled, belt-driven machines are the sports cars of the trike world.
  4. The "Bad Boys"
    What kind of crazy fool would put a turbocharged, 800 hp Chevy engine on a 3-wheel motorcycle? Easy answer - A triker. Several specialty companies build V8 trikes for the hardcore among us. Some trikers build their own. For these mean machines bigger is better!